Consulting and intervention

I have been an external consultant to several U.N. and international organizations on topics around social norms, behavioral analysis and change, and institutional development. Engagements include:

  • The World Bank (Peru): 2022-2023 | Diagnostic and workshops on unconscious biases and financial inclusion among migrant women
  • USAID (Colombia): 2022 | Keynote speech and practical workshop on behavioral analysis and change for the inclusive justice program
  • International Labour Organisation (Geneva Global Headquarters, Argentina, and Guatemala): 2018-2020 | Practical methods to change social norms in domestic work and Barriers to participation of indigenous women in 8 countries
  • International Organisation for Migration (Colombia): 2014-2015 | Institutional strengthening of the attention route for collective victims of the internal conflict

In addition to that, I have also worked on interventions to transform behavior and social norms with public, private, and community organizations (especially in Colombia). Some examples include:

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Collective action for behavioral changeFuel consumptionRoad safety – accident preventionPublic space appropriationPeaceful coexistenceWorkshops for creating interventions | Public integrity – ethical behaviourVote-buying | LitteringWork climateAdministrative reformImportance of public sector

Partners in these interventions: @SantiOrtegaG – @HackerCiudadano@FuncionPublica –  @VeeduriaBogota – @FundacionLyD @TodosEducacion

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